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August 17, 2019

Join us for a journey of discovery!



From the moment, I stepped into the Center for Spiritual Center in Asheville, North Carolina (a Science of Mind center, formerly known as Religious Science), I knew my life was about to change in ways about which I had only dreamed possible.  I fell back in love with a philosophy which has roots in ancient wisdom.  Finally, I was with people who knew what I had known all this lifetime and in the lifetimes that I remember prior to this one.  At last...I was with my tribe.

Frankly, I always knew that there was only One Life, One Divine Presence.  Whatever It is, It is what I choose to call God.  As a child, I knew that I knew this.  I absolutely knew that God was not a guy on a cloud in a bathrobe with "the book".  That which I knew to be God was not a neurotic, self-absorbed guy bent on rewarding the good kids and punishing the bad kids for things which certainly seemed subjective in the world, even to a child.  What I knew to be God was ever-present, all knowing, and above all always loving.

Now I didn't know anyone else who shared this belief, so I pretended not to know.  In that pretending, I created some very interesting experiences.  One could argue that I shunned that which was God and lived a life of poor choices.  Perhaps.  However, a brilliant teacher often said (paraphrased here), "if you could have ever made a different decision or choice, you would have.  Since you didn't (at that time), you couldn't have."  

And now with "ears to hear and eyes to see," I have been a licensed Religious Science Practitioner for more than 7 years and have been living my authentic life now after decades of hiding.

Have you always known there was a different way?  Have you always known that life was not meant to be hard or a struggle?  Are you tired of being told to sit down when you stand up?  Are you tired of hearing that you should shut up when you are speaking?  

Declare now that you can "BE MORE".  My life has changed, and yours can too!


take control of



Are you ready to break the chains that bind you, to step out of the prison of your own making, to stop letting others decide what is best or right for you?   Is it time to stand up, show up, and live your best life by being your authentic self?  What is holding you back?  It would be an honor to work with you on your journey of self-discovery.  Let's work together to seek out your path, define your aspirations, and see the transformation unveil allowing you to Be More than you ever thought possible.  You CAN do this!

In the Silence

There is within each one of us that which can never leave us.  Some call it God, Inner Wisdom, Mystical Essence, Creator, Intuition.  It doesn't matter what we call it, It is within every one, every where, every how, every when, and every thing.  

I spend time in the silence each day simply listening, and I always hear that which is mine to hear.  The Source, which I call God, stirs my soul and allows me to show up in ways I never dreamed possible, and It can never leave me.  It is me.  It is in me, moving through and as me.  It is in you. This is true for everyone, everywhere.

Sabrina C. Fricks, RScP


...sometimes life throws very unexpected curve balls.  My husband and I were dealt with discovering 2 healthy children had separate health issues, as well as an ailing father and mom who has Alzheimers.  If often felt like we were drowning.  I had a car accident, then fell and broke my wrist requiring surgery.  That was the breaking point.  Sabrina offered to pray for me and my family on a daily basis.  Soon the enormity of it all seemed to lessen.  All...that seemed endless began to be solvable.  A peacefulness and serenity began to embrace me.  I began to think clearer, renew my faith and the overwhelming thoughts lessened.  I truly began to believe everything will work out and as of today all is falling into place.  Sabrina's calmness, positivity, uplifting spirit and caring prayers enabled me to handle all that was thrown at me.  She is a remarkable soul whose spiritual advice and prayers aided me through these tough times, as well as teaching me life needed tools.

Colleen P., NJ

"I don't even know how to start.  Sabrina has been in my life not for too long but she has made an incredible impact in my life.  When I ask for prayer, she feels exactly what I need.  I don't even have to say a word.  Right away, I can feel the love and the empathy.  I was so blessed to have her by my side in the most difficult time in my life and that made a huge difference."

D.S., Las Vegas, NV

"Working with Sabrina is a great experience.  After a session with Sabrina, I considered myself to have received my “booster shot.”  These shots don’t hurt.   What I mean is that through the discussions, the sharing, sometimes the role playing, the encouragement and the sharing of affirmations, I feel that my life has been enhanced or boosted up.  The powerful part is when she prays.  The words she speaks are with power and conviction."

M.C., Las Vegas, NV

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